Mr. Specks' Doggy Daycare


FAQ & Policies


We will do our best to accommodate you, but here are a few things to keep in mind . . .


Requirements: We require all of our daycare dogs to have Leptospirosis & Influenza Flu vaccines in addition to the standard required vaccinations: Bordetella, DPP/Parvo, & Rabies. They must also be neutered or spayed if they are older than 6 months of age. 

Flea Removal: If we find fleas on your pup while they are in daycare, we will automatically give them a bath with a flea removal which will be added to their daycare fee at pick up.

Daycare Early Drop Off Fee: If you drop your pup off for daycare before we open (Mon - Fri 7:45am - 7:59am or Sat 9:45am - 9.59am) an additional $5 will be added to their Daycare stay. 

Daycare Late Pick Up Fee: If you contact us before our closing hours to let us know you will be late to pickup your pup (Mon-Fri after 7pm or Sat after 5pm) an additional $10 will be added onto their daycare stay and an additional $10 will be charged every 10 minutes until the pup is picked up. If you cannot pickup by 60 minutes after closing, please read the following information below.

Emergency Boarding Fee: If you do not pick up your pup from daycare by closing and we have not heard from you regarding your arrival time, your pup will be boarded overnight and a fee of $100 will be added onto their daycare stay. This fee will apply if we have heard from you, and you inform us you will be unable to pick up until an hour or more after we close (Mon - Fri after 8pm & Sat after 6pm.)

We do our absolute best to accommodate our clients busy schedules. Our daycare early/late fees exist so we can make sure our hard working team is compensated for their extra time to make sure your pup is taken care of.